SBN - Computer Systems Assistant

Tax FreeUnited States of America, ShipboardContract, 6 months
Administration - IT

Key Responsibilities

Day-to-Day Support:

  • Provide operational support for desktops, laptops, peripherals, mobile devices as well as user support.
  • Perform maintenance of servers and network infrastructure as assigned and instructed.
  • Perform routine repairs and maintenance of hardware.
  • Maintain the onboard IPTV System and its infrastructure, provide day-to-day operational support for the Broadcast Center and the satellite TV System.
  • Work with the Computer Systems Officer to plan, facilitate, and deploy software/hardware and upgrades. Perform other duties assigned by Senior IT Officer/IT Officer/Computer Systems Officer.
  • Monitor the health of the onboard IT systems.
  • Assist with set-up, tear-down, and troubleshooting of embarkation check-in workstations and equipment.
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