AZM - Chef De Partie - Pantry

Tax FreeUnited States of America, ShipboardContract, 6 months
Culinary - Cold Kitchen/Pantry

Position Description:

Why join Azamara?

Our global guests come to us for the destinations we visit and the cultural connections we make, but they return to Azamara for the unforgettable hospitality that our crew provides. Our staff-to-guest ratio is 1.7 staff to 2 guests, and this allows us to offer personal, hands-on and friendly service from the first point of contact to the end of the voyage. Our crew comes from every corner of the world, and are the men and women at the heart and soul of our brand.

We would like to welcome you to the best team on the high seas & invite you to apply for incredible career opportunities in our Galley department. Come & join us to share your talents with us.

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