PCL - 2nd Commis Butcher

Tax FreeUnited States of America, ShipboardContract, 6 months
Culinary - Butchery

Key Responsibilities

  • The role involves developing and practicing proper cutting and processing techniques for meat and fish products, while learning the product range and seeking guidance from the Chef De Partie Butcher or Chief Butcher.
  • They 1st Commis Butcher monitors the quality, quantity, size, and weight of butchered meats and seafood, assist with loading, receiving, and storing items, and accurately fill requisitions. They also accurately weigh and record incoming and outgoing food items.
  • The role requires adhering to policies, timekeeping rules, and General Emergency Organization duties.
  • The 2nd Commis Butcher is also required to maintain professional relationships, and promote a harassment-free environment while adhering to Company core values.
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