Working on Cruise Ships

Working and living on board cruise ship is challenging task that will require highly motivated candidates with determination to achieve results and to progress professionally. Employment on board is unique opportunity to work while travel the world, visiting many places that most of the people could only dream of. It is the hard work and sometimes long hours, but it is also the satisfaction of your achievements, the team spirit of life on board the adventure of discovery and the opportunity to start lasting career... To work on board is life changing decision and our purpose is to give you realistic impression of life on board and useful information that will help you to prepare and meet the challenge of this exciting career.

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Meals/Food on Board

Food / meals on board are provided to all crew members at designated crew dining area (crew mess hall). Food for crew members is fresh prepared dally by designated team of crew cooks on board. Meal timings are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and night snack. Food is displayed in self service / buffet style where crew members have choice of wide variety of international and ethnic dishes and desserts catering to every taste.

Crew Cabins/Accommodation

Depending on position, department, and ship assignment, you will be sharing your cabin with another 2 or 3 other crew members from your sex/gender, usually from the same department, but not necessary from your nationality. Every cabin has its own toilet and shower facility, TV set and on-board telephone connection.

Uniforms and Laundry

Upon signing on you will be provided with uniforms. Based on position and department you might have 2, or even 3 sets of uniforms that you have to wear on different occasions while on duty. Uniform maintenance, and laundry are provided at no cost. Free self-service laundry facility is available for personal items.

Shoes might not be provided by the company, and if this is the case, you will be required to bring with you pair of shoes appropriate for your department duties, and position. Shoes could be purchased on board at wholesale price from the crew store on board.

Medical Care

General Medical Care on board is available for all crew members at no cost, during their assignment on board, providing that there are no pre-existing health or disease conditions. Medical coverage is not provided while on vacation at your home country. Limited dental care plan provides crew members with the ability to visit a dentist when facing poor dental health. Any optical visit, care and/or any optical treatment by any healthcare provider are not covered, unless it is required due to an injury resulting from a reported accident on board.


Life on board is also about having fun and good quality of life. On every ship there is designated welfare team organizing variety of social, sporting and entertainment events for crew members.

Grooming and Appearance Standards

Basic personal hygiene must be strictly observed an you have to shower at least once a day. Men must shave every day, and those in-service position must shave twice a day - before breakfast and before dinner. Beards are not allowed, and if you have moustache you can keep it but must be trimmed neat and short. You cannot start growing moustache once you are on board. Female personnel should keep their hair of natural colors, and hair passing the shoulders must be pulled in bun. With few exceptions, no visible tattoos and piercing are accepted. If you already have tattoo you can discuss the issue with your Recruitment Agent or Human Resources Representative at the time of your preliminary interview.

Alcohol & Drugs

All Cruise Line companies have very strict rules on drugs and alcohol abuse. Using, dealing or doing drugs by crew members is strictly forbidden. If you violate this rule your employment on board will be terminated and you will be surrendered to local police authorities and subjected to legal action. Drinking alcohol on board is very limited and is permitted at designated crew areas only. You cannot be drunk / intoxicated, and if on duty hours you are suspected to be under influence of alcohol you will be sent for alcohol test. If test is above the accepted limit on board your employment on board will be terminated and you will be sent home at your own cost.

Documents Required

Depending on company requirements, designation, and safety regulations you might be required to obtain and maintain the validity of certain documents related to employment at sea. Contact your Recruitment Agent or Human Resources Representative to inquire about the procedure how to obtain the following:

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